Wikileaks and Pakistan


Whether he has been killed or not.?

We are a nation Understanding everything but busy in corruption by ourselves. What Wikileaks told us we know all but world not, now our dear leaders have no problem but we are feeling shame,
Years ago a Man visited his married daghter's home and at night time he tried to take his daghter's ornaments with him but husband in-laws of his daghter and got up and they saw a n aged guest trying theft in his own daghter's home and they said nothing after seing him in temporary lights,
After that Man came in his village and describe the matter like that " I tried theft in my daughter's home but fail and they were feeling ashamed on seeing me in this condition.
Wikileaks is done by a brave person and nobody till now denied it, it is not astonshing that what he said about Pakistan but how he dare against USA amaaazing.....
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